Saturday, September 15, 2007

As I sat in church last week, listening to Tom Davis, the president of the Children's Hope Chest, I felt the need to really do more to help those around me. Those in need. I know it seems like one can only do so much from here, in Sandy, Utah; however I really felt a passionate response in my heart for the children and people who are in need all over the world. Even within my own city. The church that we go to is called K2. We attend in a warehouse and praise God each week. For those who do not know a lot or anything about the organization, it is a non-denominational Christian church-not a religion.

Tom Davis has written a couple of books, and because of his amazing, inspirational message to us last week, Justin and I decided to buy them. I am amazed by the people who attend K2, we went to the third and last service and one of the books was completely sold out...we had to be put on a waiting list, hopefully we'll get our copies tomorrow.

We also learned about some service opportunities, one of which greatly interested Justin and me. Each summer K2 sends a mission team (sometimes two) to an orphanage in Russia. It is only two weeks long, but from what we have heard from people who have gone in the past, it is life changing and absolutely amazing. We set a goal for ourselves to learn some Russian this year (a doubly good thing, since Justin is half Russian!) and to save up money so that we will be able to go with K2 this next summer. It is not that much, but it would be something amazing to someone. An orphan in Russia. Any way that I can help the life of a child, from something so small as taking two weeks out of my year, I just feel I have no excuse not to do that.

The website, provides 5 simple things that everyone can do to help the 50 million people around the world who are suffering and dying of HIV/AIDS. Please join, and at least pray or send out positive thoughts for those in the world who are in need.

I know I am.