Saturday, January 21, 2006

Beautiful Snow

A few days ago I was sitting in the Union ballroom, in between classes. There is an entire wall of windows that look out onto part of campus, and outside that day the snow was coming down. It surprised me a little just how incredibly calm everything looked outside. It was so peaceful. Like everything was being muffled and embraced in a soft, pure blanket. The entire scene suddenly seemed so cleansing to me. As I left the silence and tranquility of the ballroom, I was a part of the scene I had been so enthralled by only a few moments before.

As the snow drifted down, constantly but softly, I felt suddenly that it was attempting to slow our incredibly rushed world. Slow everyone and everything down. Make us notice the small things that make our world so wonderful and amazing. As this comforting blanket surrounded me I felt so alive, and so at peace.

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