Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My thoughts on Valentine's Day

First of all, let me wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I've talked with quite a few people about today, with many varying ideas and opinions on the holiday. It caused me to think about my own opinion of Valentine's Day. When I was younger, in elementary school especially, I loved this holiday, simply because it was one more opportunity to do less school work and have lots of candy. I grew older anticipating the day I would have a boyfriend and have some sort of picture perfect, romantic Valentine's Day.

Now, my personal opinion of Valentine's Day is that I do not like this day. I am opposed to it fundamentally. And today in voicing my own opinion of today by saying "yeah, I hate Valentine's Day" I'm certain that many people I talked to probably are under the impression that I'm just bitter or cynical or both.

That, however, is not true. Some people may be bitter or cynical about today because they are single, another name often heard instead of Valentine's Day is "Single's Awareness Day". That is not the view I take, however, I dislike Valentine's Day even when I have a boyfriend, that fact has nothing to do with my own personal opinion of the holiday.

So, here's the deal: I've had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day before, and I've been single on Valentine's Day before. I have indeed experienced it both ways, and in both cases, I dislike it.

The harsh reality of the day:

I hate the fact that there is a designated day to tell someone you love them. Life is much to short to wait a year to do something special for the one you love. All the things people typically do on Valentine's Day should be spread out throughout the year. It's more meaningful that way because it really honestly comes from the person, not just society's idea that on February 14 everyone is supposed to tell the people they care about how much they love them, and even more, buy them stuff. Every day should be devoted to those we love, if it isn't, which it often isn't, there are some serious problems in our society. Love is an emotion that, in my opinion, should be shared as much as possible every single day of the year, not reserved for a cold day in February.

Now, that is not to say that I don't appreciate all the cute things that people often do for each other on Valentine's Day. I enjoy getting meaningful presents from the one's I love. Last year I was given a very special, meaningful gift. It was a beautiful chenille throw blanket, in my favorite color. Not only was the blanket original, and thoughtful, but my boyfriend told me that each time I wrapped it around me, it was a hug from him. It was the most special and thoughtful gift I've ever been given for this holiday. Gifts like candy, lingerie, and even the cliché dozen red roses should not be given on this day! Women don't want candy since most are on a diet anyway (the exception here being really good chocolate such as Godiva). Women also don't want gifts of lingerie which are really for the men anyway. MEN: do not buy women sexy clothes for Valentine's Day, its not what she wants! EVER! Also, buying a dozen red roses is much to cliché unless it happens to be her favorite flower. Flowers in and of themselves are good ideas, but be sure to find out what her favorites are, and get those, don't just guess. Another failsafe is a nice piece of jewelery. You'll never lose with that, unless its cheap jewelery, and women always find out, believe me!

I hope that this might clear up what my own personal opinions of Valentine's Day are, and once again, I wish everyone a wonderful day!


AbandoneHero said...

Very insightful post. I totally agree with you about showing love all year round. But on the other hand, I seem to manage to get caught up in the Valentine's Day routine, just like anyone else. I suppose that would be my laziness rather than my inability to do my own thing.

Katherine said...

I agree. Valentine's is just another overcommercialized obligation to celebrate something we should be acknowledging all year long. And I'm definitely not buying into the idea that a particular day is important just because Hallmark and Hershey's tell me it is.

But maybe I'm just bitter and cynical.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but it's good for some things. Imagine those poor girls whose boyfriends are complete bastards and treat them horribly. For one day a year, society is forcing them to be a geniune boyfriend or husband and treat their partners like the angels they are.