Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This summer I decided/was recruited to join and play for my uncle Mike's coed softball team. As most of you probably know, I've never been an incredibly athletic person, however for softball/baseball, I'm happy to play. It's definitely my favorite sport aside from soccer. I also recruited one of my best friends and soon to be roommate Stephanie to play with us. She is an incredible player, and definitely the star of our team. She played softball in high school, and for years before that as well.
Last night was our first game...

It went so well! WE WON...the final score was something like 19-3. The team is definitely a family affair...Our name is Petersen-Greer Inc. Named for our sponsors, the Petersens and my grandparents, the Greers. My uncle Mike is coaching/managing as I mentioned earlier, and the team is made up of his wife's son Cory, his kids Scott and Tysha, their step-dad Lance, and their aunt Jean, her sister-in-law Kristin, Scott's friend Scott, me, my uncle Bob, and Steph.

For our first game last night my grandparents came to watch and support us, as did many others of the family. It was just one of those times when everything was just wonderful for that moment in time.

My wonderful boyfriend Sam was there to support the team! Speaking of which, his birthday is tomorrow and I'm so excited to give him his presents. I can't say what they are because he might read this, but I'm just so excited to give these presents to him. Very exciting!!

Well, off I go to start my day now, have a good one!

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