Thursday, May 01, 2008


So, I know I haven't written in an insane amount of time, but here is a short list of major things that have happened since:
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 3 (count 'em) 3 families!
  • I got my wisdom teeth out
  • Had an amazing Christmas with all 3 (again, just to clarify: my mom's family, my dad and step-mother, and Justin's family) families! It was a very busy, but very wonderful celebration.
  • Partied at New Years' with two of our best friends...drunk rockband is very funny!
  • Made it through January (my least favorite month of the year)
  • Celebrated at Stephanie and Michael's wedding - so beautiful, and I'm so happy for them!
  • Got baptized to signify and celebrate my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ!!!
  • Just got a promotion at work, and I'm starting my new job on Monday! YAY! (I'll be the new Extended Day Program Coordinator for Newman Elementary.  My boss is leaving for nursing school, and I'll miss her, but I'm very excited about this opportunity!)
  • Made it through my last semester as an undergraduate, and I GRADUATE TOMORROW!!!!!!
Well, I know that super short, but it will have to do for tonight. I hope someone is still out there who cares to read this stuff! 


Laurie said...

Wowza! I thought you were done blogging. I just decided to check in on you. What an amazing few months you've had. And now you're off cruising the high seas.

Anonymous said...

drunk apples to apples is awesome too...

Alison said...

true, oh so true....