Friday, June 22, 2007


Today we leave in just a couple of hours for Dresden, Germany! (By the way, Dresden is the former Saxony). Yesterday was a great day exploring Prague! So much fun! Woke up a bit late, but oh well....I'm enjoying my rest on this trip. I don't want to be running myself so ragged that I don't enjoy what I'm seeing here.

I started wandering, and took the metro to namesti republiky (a stop further in town...near the old town square). Wandered through that section of town, and I saw several major landmarks: the Astronomical Clock, Tyn Church, St. Nicholas Church, the Powder Tower, the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and St. Vitus's Cathedral.

First: Charles Bridge is AMAZING!!! It is only a foot bridge (no auto traffic) and there are towers at both ends, with 30 Baroque statues lining the sides. Also lining the sides were street artists....with original oil paintings and photographs, jewelry, etc. I even saw a band playing! It was incredible! The Vltava River (which it spans) is one of the most beautiful I've seen so far! It is incredibly wide, much larger than anything I'm used to. There were motor boats and paddle boats all around in the river as looked like so much fun!

I got across the bridge and found a traditional Czech restaurant for lunch. It was the coolest place! It was downstairs in this building, in a cave-like room. I ordered a "Budvar potato pancake with meat mixture". And oh my god! It was delicious! It was basically a potato crepe with chicken, onions, mushrooms, leeks, and cabbage sauteed in a delicious sauce and inside the crepe. Wow. Amazing!

From the restaurant I walked up the stairs to the hill upon which sits Prague Castle and the complex surrounding it. So gorgeous. I walked through, and went inside St. Vitus's Cathedral. Which is very possibly the most beautiful cathedral I've ever been inside up until this point! The stained glass was incredibly beautiful! Very gothic in style, which I definitely like more than Baroque, but both definitely have their place.

As I was wandering down the other side of the hill to catch the metro back to the hotel, it started raining, sheets. It was wonderful because its been so hot the last few was a welcome relief from that!

Got back to the hotel and only went out again to get some rolls, cheese, fruit and chocolate at a grocery store! (oh and watched German MTV....and saw South Park in German....AWESOME!).

Well, as I said before, we're off to Dresden today, and tomorrow to Berlin, so I'll write again soon! Keep writing to me!! I love hearing from all of you....and what's going on at home! Miss you all so much!!

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