Friday, June 29, 2007

29.06.2007 Venice, Italy

Hello from Venice! (Or Venezia as it is called locally). This is the most beautiful city! I am falling in love with Italy just like I already have with France. It is GORGEOUS here!!! I can't wait til I can post more pictures!

I can't write too much here, because I don't have much time online, but I will be sure to tell more details as soon as I can! Already had some gelato here and it is amazing! Anyway, I'll write again soon, and bring you all up to date.

PS just a quick note....the "hostel" we are staying in tonight is definitely reminiscent of a KOA campground and we are definitely living in an actual tent tonight. Great fun! Who'd have thought a 40 bed dorm would ever be preferable!?!?


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