Tuesday, July 03, 2007

03.07.07 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Today we left Zurich at 9 am.....went to Basel, Switzerland, then changed trains once again in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a beautifully scenic train ride, even if it was gray and rainy all day. We got into Amsterdam at about 6 pm, then had to wait in line at a ticket counter so I could get my reservation for my trip to Paris tomorrow. (for those who weren't apprised of the changes in our plans, I am going ahead to Paris tomorrow for 4 nights, Katherine is stopping in a few towns in Belgium then meeting me in Paris on Friday, most likely).

Finally got my reservation, and headed out to find our hostel....its called the "Budget Hotel Tourist Inn". No joke....that is the full name.

We went up to our room to drop our stuff and while we were getting ready to leave again, we definitely smelled hashish wafting through the hallways. I guess its what you expect in Amsterdam! Katherine and I decided we'll probably get high just walking through the city.....so INSANE!!

We then went for a short walk and saw the following:
  • And old man band playing "Johnny Be Good", "Blue Suede Shoes" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking" on a bright blue Chevy.
  • The Red Light District: the girls definitely sit in windows on the street to advertise themselves. Sex shops and "Live Porno Show"s abound!
  • Found a cool looking square with a bunch of old buildings around it, and got caught in a monsoon. No, I am not exaggerating! We both looked not only like drowned rats, but like we had both just jumped fully clothed, bags and all into a lake!!

Suffice it to say we made it back the Budget Hotel Tourist Inn, and changed so we could come downstairs here and use our internet!

Tomorrow I leave at 12:30 for Paris, and I am very excited to be there!! Great times! Talk to you all soon....sending much love!


Anonymous said...

Okay, too much rain, beer, hash and Amsterdam. Get thee to Paris! Maman

Wimmer Family said...

I'm so loving reading your blog! What fun adventures you're having! We'll miss you tomorrow on independence day...don't forget to celebrate! I hear we're meeting drummer boy tomorrow night at Grandma's house.... he has yet to get my seal of approval (though I'm very sure we'll love him as you do!)

Much Love
Laurinda T