Friday, July 13, 2007

13.07.07 Dublin, Ireland

Hello again from Dublin!! I've had 2 full days here now, and its been wonderful!! Yesterday I basically just explored the neighborhood I'm staying in now, and then the one we'll be in when my mom gets here on Tuesday (which I'm very excited for!!). Temple Bar is a very hip, fun district, where we are now...just down the street from Trinity College (where Katherine is researching) and right across the street from Christ Church Cathedral. Its a beautiful city....what is crazy though, is that the rain is a constant drizzle. Which really doesn't sound all that bad, and at first its not. Then once you're out in it for over about 30-45 minutes, you realize you're completely drenched....not good...especially when I definitely did not come prepared for cold, rainy weather.

Good news gave me an excuse to buy the adorable blue coat I saw this morning in a shop! I needed it!! I was drenched! all know me well enough to know that it really didn't take that much convincing for me to buy the coat. But I'm definitely glad I did. That combined with the adorable hat I got in....I think it was Paris...anyway, tomorrow I plan to be at least a bit warmer and dryer than I was today!

Today I walked down Grafton Street towards St. Stephen's Green, and then across to where the National Gallery is. There were some wonderful works of art there, some fabulously less well known Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Poussin, Boucher, etc.
And I found a lovely little cafe for lunch...I had a tomato, mozzarella and pesto pannini sandwich and probably the best cafe mocha I've ever had. It had chocolate shavings on top! So yummy!!

Tonight we met Katherine's professor for dinner, got some sandwiches at subway and sat on the banks of the Liffey while we ate. We had a great time, with great conversation....all in all I've had a wonderful couple of days! Hopefully the next few will be just as fabulous!! Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

Ali, I remember the national Museum very well and was really impressed with the gold room. We saw a Rembrandt there, but I think it was on loan. I'll bet you'll be glad to see your Mom and I'll be glad to see you. Grandma

Alison said...

I actually did see a couple of Rembrandts, now I think of it! I really loved that museum, it was so beautiful, not only the art work, but the rooms themselves!! Love you Grandma!