Sunday, July 15, 2007

15.07.07 Dublin, Ireland

So, it just figures with my luck, that as soon as I bought that cute jacket, it warmed up!! Damned weather! Oh well, apparently its supposed to start raining and being chilly again at the very least by the time we get to London! Anyway, yesterday was relatively uneventful, I had planned on visiting the National Museum, however when I got there, it was closed indefinitely for repairs or something. Not cool. No worries though! I wandered some more, something I'm getting very good at (as you may be able to tell!).

Though I haven't really done too much sightseeing while I've been here, there is a reason behind it. I am scouting things out to do with my mom when she gets here Tuesday. We're planning to see St. Patrick's Cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral, and Trinity College and the Book of Kells....those are the main, big touristy things here. Other than that, I've got some fabulous wandering routes scouted out! I hope you're excited mom!

Today I went to the National Museum of Archeology and History. The coolest exhibit is that of the "Bog People". I don't remember if I mentioned this before or not, but just a few years ago they discovered almost mummified remains of ancient people of Ireland who were preserved amazingly well in the bogs in which they were buried. It was a very cool and interesting exhibit....if a little bit gross....the skin was very noticeably leathery. Interesting how amazingly bodies can be preserved though! With skin and hair still on them!

After that I wandered back to the hostel for a bit, and I've really just been taking it easy here. I'm trying to rest up before the blitz of the last week and a half of this trip. I have one more day of rest and leisure, then the pace picks back up again, and I can't wait! Love you all!

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