Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17.07.07 Dublin, Ireland (in a hotel!!!)

My mom arrived safe and sound (if incredibly exhausted) this morning! I met her at the airport, we had a nice ride back into the city centre. We did just a little bit of walking, she was running out of steam pretty quickly, so we headed over to the hostel to pick up mine and Katherine's backpacks...we then took a cab back up to our hotel. It was very nice. The hotel we're staying is absolutely heavenly compared to everywhere I've stayed in the past 5 weeks! So crazy!

We went literally about 2 doors down the street for dinner, and had delicious fish and chips, and homeade (free!) soup and bread before the meal! It was delicious! It started raining constantly again today, just in time for my mom to get here, of course! Although I'm sure she'll enjoy it seeing as the entire state of Utah is on fire!

I'm off to the hotel to shower and sleep for a while now, take care, and love you all!


Jolynn said...

Glad Cathy got there - have fun all of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're together, too. Have a good time and try the Guiness. Grandma