Wednesday, July 04, 2007

04.07.04 Paris, France

Finally I'm somewhere where I can actually understand what's going on around me! Happy 4th of July to everyone....let it be known that I am VERY upset that I am missing both the 4th and the 24th....I did not think this trip through!!!

C'est la vie. Today I left Amsterdam (thank God! I know you love it Chels, but its not quite my speed!!) at 12:30, and finally arrived in Paris around 5 pm. I was so incredibly happy to be here, in a place where I can read all the signs, understand the language, not to mention a city I already know incredibly well!

I wandered down the Rue La Fayette this evening, and I'd forgotten how the streets in Paris are not straight, and it isn't as easy to circle a block as one would hope! Anyway, I am here for the next 4 nights, and sometime between now and Sunday, Katherine will be meeting me here! She went her own way this morning, I think to Brugges, or Ghent.

I'll write again soon...thanks for all your messages! Time is flying by, I've already been here for 3 weeks! Halfway through!!

Love to you all!

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