Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10.07.07 Edinburgh, Scotland

Here I am in Edinburgh....We just got in so we haven't had really any chance to explore quite yet. The Scottish countryside is quite beautiful though. I really loved it, its so green and....really just what you might think of. We took the train from Glasgow here, and it was a very short trip, less than an hour, actually. The hostel we're staying in here is called "Caledonian Backpackers" and its a very funky place. We have a 38 bed dorm room, which is slightly reminiscent of the types of photos you see of shelters that are set up in gymnasiums after a hurricane or tornado. Though it is much cooler with random funky murals all over the walls. And lockers scattered throughout the room as well!!

I am very much looking forward to getting into Dublin tomorrow, since, once I'm there, I have 10 days without much travel! The only time I have to load up my backpack again will be to move it to the hotel we're moving to when my Mom gets here. And at that point there will be an extra bag for me to redistribute some of the weight! So crazy....I really haven't bought all that much, but today my backpack was really getting to me....of course that could have been the fact that we had to hike uphill to the train station. Did I mention that Glasgow reminds me of San Francisco, with all its hills? So insane!

I am glad to be here, and sad that I don't have more time here in Scotland, but oh well....on another trip!

I'll write again soon, take care! Love you all!

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